Apart from communism and for the purposes to prepare an atmosphere of communal unity and communal goodwill camps of youth of different castes and religion were organized for the purposes to give a real form to imagination of ideal society free from social evils, prohibition of death feast and in the memory of a dead person in place of death feast to do public construction work and after plantation to educate the public to look after the trees.  To educate the girls and to prepare the public for family planning, organization of Rallies, Seminars and other programs with the help of public support to give up tobacco and wine and to grow more plants are the structural background of this movement.  Organization of Blood Donation Camps for helpless needy persons, free medicines distribution and for the purposes of First Aid conduction of moveable dispensaries for the people who are living in far distant areas and are not getting First Aid shows the human helping thinkings of Bharat Jodo Aandolan.  To appreciate the persons who are working against Communism, different programs are being conducted in their honour.




 In the programmes of Bharat Jodo Aandolan famous Gandhist Dr. S. N. Subbarao, famous Administrative Officer and Ex- Chief Secretary of Government of MP Padmavibhushan Dr. M. N. Buch, Famous officer of Indian Administrative Services Dr. D. S. Rai, Officer of Indian Forest Services Dr. V. K. Singh, Great Indian Literary of Urdu Literature Padmashri Dr. Basheer Badra.  In the field of journalism famous for heart blowing editorial articles in Dainik Bhaskar Shri Mahesh Shrivastava and Madhavlal Sapre, Founder of Journalism Research Institute Padmashri Vijay Dutt Shridhar, Honoured by the Social Welfare Department of Government of India and Honoured with Indira Gandhi Social Welfare Award by Government of MP Respected Champa Bahinji, Honoured with Indira Gandhi Social Welfare Award by Government of MP Shri Ramsakha Gautam.  Other than all these dignitaries, Chancellors of different Universities, Deans of Universities, dignitaries related to Educational Field and different politicians of different political parties are given their valuable time.